Our Services

Does your vehicle need an auto repair? Come to Bill's Auto Repair & Sales. We are an auto body shop that provides quick and dependable services for your car. Whether you need an engine repair or transmission service, trust our professional team to get the job done right. For details on pricing, please call us.

When you need a tow truck to haul your vehicle, we have the equipment to complete the job. Whether your towing situation is complex or simple, we are here to assist you. We have the skills to maneuver our trucks wherever your vehicle is located. Just let us know where you are at and we will handle the rest.

Let Bill's Auto Repair & Sales take care of your vehicle’s oil change with our fast and reliable service. Our expert mechanics know how to get your vehicle’s oil changed in a timely manner, ensuring you’re getting a quality service. Choose from our synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blend of oil for optimal performance for your car.

If there is something wrong with your braking system, call on Bill's Auto Repair & Sales. You can get a quality repair for your vehicle’s brakes from our professional mechanics. We are a trusted auto body shop that competes repairs and maintenance for all kinds of makes and models. See what we can do for your vehicle.

We understand the importance of having your tires repaired so you can get back on the road. Our team will get your tires ready for safe driving with our expert repair techniques. We deal with nails in tires, wear and tear, and other situations where your tires are not up to standard. Let us get to work on your tires today!

Are you dealing with mechanical or maintenance issues with your vehicle? Stop by Bill's Auto Repair & Sales for a transmission service. Our team of professionals can help you with transmission problems right away. Whether your transmission needs a quick fix or something more complex, our mechanics know just what to do.

Bill's Auto Repair & Sales has tire repair services for our valued customers in Canton. Tire repairs should be done quickly and efficiently, which is what we do at our auto shop. Our team will get your tires ready and rolling so you can be back on the road in no time.

Wheel alignment is an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Here at Bill's Auto Repair & Sales, we care about your vehicle’s performance and how it drives on the road. Our team of technicians can get your wheel alignment service done quickly so that you can have a peace of mind.

Need an auto AC repair for your vehicle? Come on over to Bill's Auto Repair & Sales for professional automotive services. We have a team of mechanics on hand to fix and maintain your car's air conditioning system, while offering the best deals. Keep cool with an auto AC repair!

Do you have a question about your vehicle? When you contact Bill's Auto Repair & Sales, our friendly and knowledgeable mechanics are ready to assist you. We can explain our services so you have a better understanding of what we do. Our mechanics are dedicated to your automotive needs and want you to have a pleasant customer service experience.